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The Best Wallpaper & Widgets App for Mac

Hologram transforms your desktop with customizable widgets and beautiful wallpapers.

Find the Perfect Wallpaper

Only 5+ Million to Choose From!

The days of struggling to find a great wallpaper are over! Get instant access to millions of beautiful wallpapers for your Mac from the three top image providers in the world.

Create amazing collections of the best wallpapers, and automatically switch between them!

Hologram - Amazing widgets and wallpapers for your Mac desktop! | Product Hunt
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Widgets Make Your Desktop Come Alive!

Display the weather, date and time, moon phase, system information, inspirational quotes, jokes, and more, directly on your desktop wallpaper!

Customize Your Widgets

Uniquely express yourself with widgets that are fully customizable!
Widgets can even automatically select colors from your wallpaper for a perfect match!


Your desktop has never had this much fun!

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Learn The Basics of Hologram!


Are you a web developer?

Bring your ideas to life with custom widgets using the power of HTML, CSS and Javascript!

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Hologram app iconHologram

The best wallpaper and widget app for Mac OS

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