Widget Developer Guide

Hologram is a Mac OS application that lets you display widgets on your desktop. Hologram widgets are written in HTML, CSS, and Javascript using the Vue.js Javascript framework.

Because widgets are built with web technologies, anyone with basic web development skills should have the ability to craft their own widgets. And for those that are expert web developers, the sky is the limit in terms of what types of widgets can be conceived and built.

Why Vue? Because Vue provides (among other things) the advanced DOM manipulation capability necessary to manage a collision-free multi-widget environment. Hologram is a Webkit layer that resides above the Mac desktop, but below the files and folders on the desktop. Vue allows each Widget to operate discreetly, without interfering with other Widgets.

The Hologram application comes with built-in developer tools, including APIs, a suite of functions, and a hot-reloading server so you can see your code changes live while you work. In fact, one click will scaffold a new widget and launch the dev server so you can start coding immediately. We wanted to make the process of creating a widget as fast and easy as possible.

This guide will walk you through the basics of widget development.

Happy coding!