Hologram 1.4.0 Released

February 18, 2021

Hi Hologram fans!

We are excited to announce the release of Hologram version 1.4. This version brings support for custom wallpaper folders, new widgets, and more.

New Widgets

We have 2 great new widgets to announce:

* The Daily Fortune Cookie widget is available exclusively as a download on our widgets page. To install it, just unzip the downloaded file and drag it onto the widgets page in Hologram.


  • Support for storing your wallpapers in the location of your choice. Each theme can have its own wallpaper folder.
  • Move and copy wallpapers between themes by right clicking on a wallpaper
  • Added a next wallpaper button to the menu bar
  • Added an edit widgets button to the menu bar


  • Fixed a bug where widget files couldn't be opened, and installing widgets would't work
  • Fixed alignment issues with the weather icons
  • Minor tweaks and improvements
  • Bug Fixes

We hope you enjoy this new version!... and please tell your friends about Hologram!

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