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Widget Config

The widget config file, which is stored in the root of your widget as widget.json, contains information about your widget, such as its name, version, settings etc.

These are all the widget config settings you can use:

    // Widget display name (required)
    "name": "My Widget",

    // Version of the widget (required)
    "version": "1.0.0",

    // Author display name (required)
    "author": "Joe Dev",

    // The unique id for the widget (required).
    // Please follow this format:
    "id": "com.your-company.widget-name",

    // The minimum and maximum size of the widget in pixels
    "minHeight": 100,
    "minWidth": 100,
    "maxHeight": 500,
    "maxWidth": 500,

    // The aspect ratio determines how a widget is constrained
    // Can be "auto-height", false, or a numeric ratio:
    // "aspectRatio": "auto-height",
    // Auto-height is useful for widgets that let the user
    // select from a variety of display options, causing the widget
    // to change size vertically as needed.
    // "aspectRatio": false,
    // Setting the ratio to false specifies an unconstrained widget.
    // Note: Unconstrained widgets are generally discouraged due
    // to CSS overflow issues.
    // "aspectRatio": 1.33
    // Using an integer specifies a fixed width-to-height ratio.
    // To calculate the ratio of a specific set of dimensions, divide
    // the long dimension by the short. For example, 16:9 = 2.11
    // or 400:300 = 1.33. A square widget would have a dimension of 1.
    "aspectRatio": "auto-height",

    // The default size and placement of the widget when added to a theme.
    "defaultSize": {
        "placementY": "top",
        "placementX": "right",
        "x": 10,
        "y": 12,
        "width": 300,
        "height": 100

    // Settings define all user-editable settings for a widget.
    // For more information see Widget Settings in the user guide
    "settings": []