Apple Script

Hologram can be controlled by apple script to get a list of available themes, or set the active theme.

tell application "Hologram Desktop"
    set activeTheme to false
    set themeToMakeActive to false

    # Loop though each theme, and find the active one, and the one we want to make active
    repeat with theTheme in themes
        set props to properties of theTheme
        # Get the theme name and log it
        set themeName to name of props
        log themeName

        # Is this theme active?
        if theTheme is active then
            set activeTheme to theTheme
        end if

        # Find a theme by name. In this case we’re looking for a theme named Beach
        if themeName is equal to "Beach" then
            set themeToMakeActive to theTheme
        end if
    end repeat

    # Check if there is an active theme
    if activeTheme is not false then
        # Disable a theme
        mark activeTheme as "not active"
    end if

    # Make a theme active
    if themeToMakeActive is not false then
        # Make a theme active
        mark themeToMakeActive as "active"
    end if
end tell

Here's some examples of how to use a interact with Hologram using js Apple Script:

// Get a reference to the Hologram app
app = Application("Hologram Desktop");

// Get a list of available themes
// Get all themes by name

// Get the active theme. Only one theme can be active at a time.
theme = app.themes.whose({ active: true })[0]

// Make a theme active
theme.mark({as: "active"});