Can I use multiple instances of the same widget in the same theme?

Yes! Each time you select the same widget you get a new instance, and you can customize each one differently. This allows for amazing creative possibilities!

Can I interact with Hologram widgets?

You can not interact with widgets when they are displayed on the desktop. You can interact with widgets when editing their settings (color, options, etc.) or positioning them.

Can I import my own images into Hologram?

Yes! Click into any one of your themes, then just drag-and-drop your images into Hologram.

How do I install a widget downloaded from the Widgets page?

Unzip the downloaded file. Then drag the widget onto the Widgets page in the Hologram application.

Why do my widgets disapear when I quit hologram?

Like most Mac OS apps, Hologram has to be running to work. If you quit the app the widgets stop running. Note: If you prefer not to see the Hologram icon in your dock, open the preferences page and set Hologram to display in the menu bar only.

I found a bug!

Contact Us and we'll figure out how to squash it!

I love Hologram! What should I do?

Write a review on the App Store and share your love on social media! We appreciate you helping get the word out!